Anka Opens New Home in Stockton for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

STOCKTON, CA – On October 9, 2015, Anka Behavioral Health, Inc. (Anka) opened the doors of their new program, Anka Weston Ranch, and welcomed five individuals with intellectual disabilities to their new home in the community.

Through a partnership with the Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC), Anka Weston Ranch is a safe, supportive, and permanent home for five adults that are transitioning out of or at risk of admission to a State Developmental Center. Living under one roof, individuals work with specialized staff and consultants to build social and self-care skills through a variety of daily home and community activities.

The care, support, and supervision provided at Anka Weston Ranch is tailored to each individual’s needs, challenges, and strengths. Staff is on-site 24 hours per day and a variety of home and community activities and peer interaction is built into each day, which provides residents with consistency and skill building opportunities. Consultants, including a Psychiatrist and Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, are also members of the Anka Weston Ranch team; providing specialized care and supports to residents on a frequent basis.

This is Anka’s first program developed and operated in partnership with VMRC. ”This program will continue Anka’s mission of assisting those with intellectual disabilities to transition out of locked settings into safe, inclusive, community environments helping them to exercise choice, decision making, and reach their full potential,” said Stephanie Russell, Anka’s Regional Director of Intellectual Disability Services. “This is our first program with VMRC. We are excited to start this partnership with them and look forward to collaborating together to provide the best care possible for these individuals.”

“We look forward to a long working relationship with Anka Behavioral Health, Inc. serving consumers of Valley Mountain Regional Center. Their newest program in Stockton will become part of a continuum of services to deflect our consumers from more restrictive living arrangements,” said VMRC Executive Director, Paul Billodeau Jr.

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